The Kaduna Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture was established in 1973.  It is the most active Chamber in the Northern part of the country and one of the most active Chambers at the National level.  It is the first Chamber in the country to be accredited in 2004 by the Centre for International Private Enterprises (CIPE), Washington, DC an outfit of the United States Chambers of Commerce.

The objectives of the chamber among others include the following:-

a.   To promote, protect and develop all matters affecting all business

b.   To encourage an orderly expansion and development of all segment of the community

c.   To organize workshops, conferences, symposia, seminars and tailor-made trainings on new ideas and technologies, leadership and management of both public and private sector undertakings

d.   To contribute to the overall economic stability of the community
e.   To encourage and promote the nation’s private sector
f.     To provide a network of national and international business contacts and opportunities through trade fairs, business information.

Presently, there are one thousand, two hundred and thirty-three (1,233) organizations in the membership register of the Chamber. The businesses which cover all sectors of the economy, ranging from commercial activities to manufacturing, banking, agricultural production, engineering and consultancy services, etc.

In order that member organizations function and contribute effectively to the economic growth of Nigeria, Trade Group were established as follows:

i.      Commerce

ii.     Export

iii.    Industrial

iv.    Agricultural

v.     Solid Minerals

vi.    Banking and Finance

vii.   Membership Committee

viii. Public Relations Committee

Each of the Trade Groups and Committees above is co-ordinated by a Vice President in the Council of KADCCIMA.

2. The Chamber’s Trade Groups    meet once month to discuss issues that of great to concern to their members. Such issues/ problems are then forwarded to the concerned authorities through the Executive Council of the Chamber.

The Executive Council is the decision making body of the Chamber.  It is headed by the President.  The Chamber’s Secretariat is headed by the director General of the chamber who is assisted by staff and heads of three (3) major sections.
In addition to the foregoing, KADCCIMA in pursuing its objectives has continued to:-
a.           Participate in providing inputs into the government budgets and policies.
b.          Championing the formation and development of Chambers of Commerce in the Northern States so that development within this part of the country could be achieved.